Zertifikat ISO 50001:2011

8. Dezember 2015

Implementation of energy management and certification according to ISO 50001:2011

The Miltitz Aromatics GmbH is anxious, not only to be a reliable partner to customers, suppliers and employees but has also a strong sense of responsibility for the environment and society. One key point therefor is minimizing the usage of natural ressources, especially energy.

To have a systematic approach reducing the consumption of energy, the Miltitz Aromatics GmbH implemented an energy management system according to ISO 50001:2011 in 2015 which was certified on 12/08/2015 by DNV GL – Business Assurance.

ISO 50001:2011

The initial purpose of the energy management is measuring the consumption of energy at the level of the individual consumer. From this follows the most economic energy reducing potentials, which will be activated continously.

As a first target the Energy Management Representative and the General Management setted out together the substitution of conventional lighting to energy saving LED-lighting within the production facility and the optimisation of the cooling water system, which will be implemented in Q1/2016. The savings of power, process and waste water are substantial and sustainable.