Hydrogenation as core competence

Since we are connected to a supply-pipeline for hydrogen, hydrogenation belongs to the core competences of Miltitz Aromatics, already for years. Especially for voluminous products, we use a 0,8m³ – Loop- reactor that may be run continuously, semi-continuously as well as a batch process. Conceived in a special way, it has a very efficient operation for pressure requirements until 20 bar and is steam-heated.

For hydrogenation requirements demanding higher pressure and covering a range until 80 bar and 280°C , we will soon have with an oil heated autoclave of 1m³ the appropriate plant that will operate from early 2015. In addition, we run as well hydrogenations with alternative hydrogen sources.

The Research and Development department is equipped with a 1-l-Lab reactor limited to 100 bar and a 7-l-pilot-loop plant to screen optimisation ideas and new proceedings close to real conditions.

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